Public Backup

At ImageMonkey, we will be back up everything to the Internet Archive on a regular basis. The uploaded archive contains the database dump together will all the unlocked images (all images are per default in a locked state after uploading and will be manually unlocked by a moderator).

In order to preserve users privacy, the database dump will be stripped off any personal information.
The database dump won't contain:

Email Addresses
Hashed Passwords
API Tokens
Access Tokens
Name Created Size Download
ImageMonkey Backup 23-02-2019 23-02-2019 2.4GB
ImageMonkey Backup 26-01-2019 26-01-2019 2.2GB
ImageMonkey Backup 30-12-2018 30-12-2018 2.1GB
ImageMonkey Backup 04-11-2018 04-11-2018 1.9GB
ImageMonkey Backup 07-10-2018 07-10-2018 1.7GB

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